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RDI policy

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The OHL Group considers Research, Development and Innovation activities as part of the basic pillars of its strategic policies. The Group is fully aware of the importance of and the need to promote and develop the R&D&I activities. These are required to obtain new technologies, products, processes and services, the application of which will permit an increase in the productivity, reduce costs, increase its competitive capacity and set OHL apart from its competitors. These achievements will contribute to the sustainable growth of the Group.

The Management of OHL is fully involved at the maximum levels in the design, development and overseeing of the R&D&I policy. It is dedicated to assuring the proper functioning of the R&D&I Management System and to providing the resources needed to achieve the objectives defined in said policy. To this end, the Research, Development and Innovation policy is regularly revised and updated and is always available to all OHL staff and stakeholder.

The performance guidelines for the OHL Group in R&D&I are the following:

  • Align all the R&D&I actions with the specific demands of the operative areas of the Group, with a special focus on obtaining new products or productive processes and of support to production or in the improvement of those in existence
  • Establish the mechanisms to detect, identify, develop and disseminate the innovations in products as well as processes which are generated, geographically disperse, in the production activities of the Group
  • Promote the innovate spirit and encourage and incentivize the generation and proposal of innovative ideas
  • Instrument the tasks of investigation as a priority with Universities and other public and private centers of investigation, by identifying and selecting the vectors with greater specialization and excellence
  • Encourage innovation in the chain of supply and establish collaborations for innovation projects

Compliance with this policy is regulated by the R&D&I Management Regulation of the Group which is aligned with UNE 166002.

Periodically, the Group will review its R&D&I strategy focusing on the medium and long term.

The present R&D&I Policy is accessible and at the disposal of all the OHL Group employees and their interested parties.