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R&D&i initiatives

OHL, in collaboration with Ferroatlántica, Universidad de Vigo and the Aimen technological center, has launched the R&D eGEO project to fight against climate change. The venture is co-financed by the Ministry of Economy & Competitiveness, through the 2015 Challenges-Collaboration Program and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The main objective of eGEO is to develop new ecological construction materials in order to effectively fight against climate change through an efficient use of resources and raw materials. Presently, the use of cement requires a high consumption of energy and materials.

In its fight against climate change, OHL and Ferroatlántica, as members of the eGEO joint venture, are promoting the development of new technologies and in the search for alternative and effective material that is able to extend the useful life of concrete structures solving an environmental problem

The companies of the eGEO partnership, OHL and FerroAtlántica, intends to solve environmental challenges  through the development of alternative materials

The project proposes the manufacturing of a new conglomerate that not only requires less energy but also uses low-cost raw materials and is able to obtain agglutinating matrixes with adequate properties in terms of mechanical resistance and durability. A geosynthesis process is thus introduced through alkaline waste activity, as a viable technology for the manufacturing of geopolymers as a substitute for cement. Ecoefficient concrete obtained from these conglomerates will be evaluated as a long-term sustainable material for construction. 

The idea is to thus meet a fundamental objective linked to construction and the environment: to develop an alternative and effective material that is able to extend the useful life of concrete structures.

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