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OHL Construcción R&D&I

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OHL Construcción, through the Technical Management and the R&D and innovation service, included on it and created in 2012, leads  R&D&I projects carried out in a series of strategic lines aimed to keep a clear position of technological leadership, through new solutions and more efficient construction methods. This research, development and innovation task is assumed by the technical areas, works and subsidiaries of this division and is applied in all areas in which performs its activity. In addition to the planning and execution of R&D&I projects, OHL Construcción is also responsible for the development and implementation of innovations on-site. These two types of complementary actions enable to create high-value technologies applicable to its activities in any of the countries where it operates.

The division’s innovating capacity is backed up by the experience of a team of more than 1,000 professionals, distributed throughout more than 20 countries all over the world, as well as its partners, collaborators and subcontractors, to particularly include 40 research centers and universities in 10 countries.

Some of the most outstanding innovations are:

Maritime works

  • Floating formwork. Innovating solution for the construction of seawalls
  • Cubipod. Construction component for the external cover of sloping seawalls
  • SATOGrab. High-performance system to extract blocks in shelter dikes

Innovations in urban works

  • Hyperstatic pergola. An innovating structural solution for road links

Innovations in works applied to machinery

  • LIFT-UP. Innovating system for on-site transportation of concrete Huge technological challenges

Huge technological challenges

  • Gecmolsig (Management, Control and Measurement of Linear Works with a Geographical Information System). Advanced topographic tools that are able to graphically record the various components of linear works
  • NeTTUN (New Technologies for Tunneling and Underground Works). For the development of new processes related to tunneling and underground works
  • Sogedron (Geomatic Solutions With Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Cutting-edge UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology applied to geodesy and topography

Innovations in railways

  • Sulabu. Design and construction of optimum solutions for plate rails
  • SAVI. Security system for railway works